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Surveillance Camera System Digital Video Recorder AKA (DVR)

The Digital Video Recorder AKA (DVR)

Digital Video Recorder (DVR)

A DVR is a computer based digital recording system that records video on to a computer hard drive. Using a hard drive allows the recording system to record video for longer periods of time.

Motion Detection Triggers Recording

One feature of a DVR is motion detection. How the motion detection feature works is: when the DVR detects motion in one of the cameras, the motion in the camera triggers the DVR to start recording and end recording after a set period of time. So the DVR is only recording when motion is detected saving hard drive space and lengthening recording history. When the DVR hard drive is full the DVR will than start to record of the oldest recordings. The motion detection also has an alarm feature that notifies camera system users of motion in the camera by setting off a loud alarm when motion is detected with in the camera.

Remote Viewing via an Internet Connection

Another feature of a DVR is Network Compatibility. Network compatibility allows the Camera system to be connected to your computer network allowing the cameras to be viewed over an existing network via a Personal Computer. Your internet connection can also be configured to allow the Camera System to be viewed over the internet. A computer and camera system connected to a high speed internet connection would work best.

Camera Viewing

Another feature of a DVR is its ability to either view all of the cameras at one time, allow the cameras to be viewed one at a time manually, or to view all cameras via a time laps dwell setting, the view on the monitor will automatically change from camera to camera at a set time.

Camera Detection and Camera Timmers

Cameras can be set to different levels of camera detection, and the cameras can be set to record at different times of the day via a camera timer.

Titles, Display, and Info.

More features include descriptive camera titles, time and date display, hard drive info, camera loss, play back info.

System Alerts and Alarms

Alarm alerts can also be configured for when the hard drive is full, when motion is detected in a camera, and when the camera signal lost.

DVR System Configuration

The camera system can also be configured for serial port type for Pan Tilt Zoom Cameras, baud rate for serial port, a host ID to identify the camera system, system default so set the camera system back to its original factory settings, system password for system access restriction, language, and video format.

System Event Log

Event log for video loss, system log in, system log, power on and key lock.


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